Walking Forward - EP
Released: February 14th, 2019
"Walking Forward" is Isaac Cabrera's debut EP. This EP is very strictly rock music, but explores different sub-genres such as: alternative, grunge, hard rock, blues, and acoustic rock. Isaac was inspired to begin writing this EP after listening to Lord Huron's "The Night We Met." In this short collection of 5 songs, Isaac was trying to establish a safe mental space for himself at the same time as he sought to understand the meaning of the emotions love, loneliness, and depression. This EP was Isaac's first public release of original recordings. These songs were recorded in his apartment in San Diego, CA and his parents former home in Riverside, CA. Always a night owl, Isaac stayed up all night and finished the EP on New Year's Eve 2018.
*Release Notes: Although an Epiphone Les Paul is featured heavily on the cover art, this guitar was only used in the song "Better Than the Notebook". For the rest of the EP Isaac actually used a custom guitar built by his friend Kyle. 
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