Monoliths of Stone - Single
Released: September 20th, 2019
"Monoliths of Stone" is Isaac Cabrera's first song in the dream pop/post rock genre. This song is an experimental track about a man living alone at the end of the apocalypse who gazes at a world he no longer recognizes, before making a final journey to the sea. “Monoliths of Stone” was Isaac Cabrera’s first dive into more electronic and experimental forms of music. Specifically, he was interested in creating movement and space through sound. This production is unique for Isaac because of its almost exclusive use of synthesizers and sampled guitars to create lush soundscapes. This song arose out of a fusion of two separate songs (one pure electronic and one post rock) that Isaac wrote and then combined into one.
*Release Notes: Isaac took the photographs for the cover art when he traveled to Cambodia after graduating from college. If you listen closely, during the quiet verses you can hear a shower running in the background. Isaac's former roommate was showering while he recorded the vocals and Isaac decided to keep the sound in because it added to the dreamy guitar texture.
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