Look at Me Sorrow - Single
Released: April 10th, 2020
"Look at Me Sorrow" is one of Isaac Cabrera's most lyrically dark tracks. Isaac wrote the experimental rock song on a rainy day while he walked to work. At the time, he imagined what The Doors might have written on such a sad gray day. This was before Isaac's debut EP "Walking Forward" was released, but it took over a year for Isaac to rectify the dark themes in a complete musical form. “Look at Me Sorrow” is a brooding introspective song that deals with imprisonment, the fear of death, and a struggle to gain freedom. This song continues Isaac's experimental music trajectory. The combination of traditional blues themes with powerful electronic elements contributes to a style the artist refers to as the “space cowboy” genre. This production was heavily inspired by classic rock songs from the late 1960’s but evolves it into a more electronic oriented, post-rock form. 
*Release Notes: "Look at Me Sorrow" is one of two singles (the other being "Monoliths of Stone) that Isaac Cabrera released in advance of his debut album "Of Sand and Stars". The motorcycle on the cover art is actually one of Isaac's former bikes that was destroyed in an accident he had in 2014. 
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