I Am Here - Single
Released: February 14th, 2021
With "I Am Here", I wanted to bring awareness to suicide prevention and convey how dark our inner struggles with mental health can be.
I tried to tell a very specific story in this composition. At the beginning of the track, I portray a person who stands on a bridge then jumps off in an attempt to kill themselves. While they are in the air, they go through an outer body experience and float through an infinite black ether. While in this state, they must confront themselves about their death or else be sucked into an abyss and erased from existence. The person finds the strength and resolve to continue living declaring "I am here". It is revealed that that this person survived the fall but is severely injured and unable to move. The song ends with the main melodic theme returning on piano, but this time it contains the warmth of the morning sun. The person is discovered and loaded onto an ambulance to treat their wounds.
Note: The cover art also contains important symbolism. I believe that the hand is a strong symbol of consciousness because at times our hands are the only thing we can look at to remind us that we are real and that we exist. The hand also symbolizes reaching out for help, and that the first step to conquering mental health issues is to recognize that we need help from others. We all struggle with internal battles and need to actively reach out for ourselves at the same time as lend a helping hand to others in need.
On the bridge
I see my end
Flashes of
This life I led
Night has come
Dreams are fears
The edge
Slips from my reach
I am lost
Clocks are ticking
Dark then light
My spirit knows
It’s fight or flight
Who am I?
Is this dream real?
Sleepless terror
Set me free
I am strong
No more tears
I feel the dawn
I’ll lead this life
I need to see
There’s someone
I was meant to be
I am strong
I am free
I am here

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